September 22, 2023

The past two years were defined by high-profile cybersecurity incidents. In 2020, experts uncovered the SolarWinds cyber espionage attack that targeted various businesses and government entities. In 2021, the ransomware attack that affected Colonial Pipeline brought renewed attention to these destructive and expensive incidents. By the end of 2021, Log4Shell bombarded cybersecurity community.

Likewise year 2022 was also a turbulent year that experienced more prolific attacks with enhanced sophistication. Here at TheCyberThrone, we have published numerous articles summing up the year 2022. if you have missed any of them, we are cumulatively adding it in a single article and as below


Predictions -2022

Top CyberSecurity Trends that will drive 2022

Data Breaches -2022

Most Headlined Data Breaches of 2022

Ransomware Attacks -2022

Most Prolific Ransomware Attacks in 2022

Exploited Vulnerabilities -2022

Most Exploited 2022 Vulnerabilities


ZeroDay Vulnerabilities -2022

Zero Day Vulnerabilities in Year 2022 – A Review

Microsoft Patch Tuesdays -2022

Microsoft Patch Release Review – Year 2022

Big 4 OEM Patch Fixes -2022

Vulnerabilities Patched By Big OEMs a Review- Year 2022

Malwares -2022

Most Prevailed Malware Families a Review – Year 2022


CyberSecurity Acquisitions -2022

Major Security Acquisitions in Year 2022 a Review

TheCyberThrone Favorite Stories -2022

Most Favorite Stories of TheCyberThrone in Year 2022 a Review

TheCyberThrone Prediction 2022 Outcome

TheCyberThrone 2022 Cybersecurity Predictions and Outcome a Look Back Review

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