September 21, 2023

In 2022, the threat of cyber-attacks, hacks, and security breaches loomed large, with numerous high-profile incidents impacting companies and individuals. Both in terms of cybersecurity and business generally, the past couple of years have been anything but typical. The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally altered how commerce is conducted. Cybercriminals have responded by adapting their strategies to the new environment.

While the years 2020 and 2021 saw a particularly high number of cyberattacks, there are few signs that things will return to normal in 2022. Cyber threat actors have tested new strategies and techniques and have successfully incorporated them into their standard toolkits. As the effects of cyberattacks were felt well beyond their intended target companies in 2021, several cyberattack operations and cyber threat actors rose to prominence. Several organizations were attacked/breached multiple times this year which shows the blind spots still exist even after taking mitigation and remediation steps after the 1st attack.


This particular writeup is just a review of 2022 most favorite stories read/viewed by subscribers and readers from TheCyberThrone. In the last few days, we have reviewed the most prolific ransomware stories of 2022, malware stories of 2022, famous data breaches of 2022,  most headlined security acquisitions of 2022, and most exposed vulnerabilities including Zeroday identified and exploited in 2022, Major Vulnerabilities fixes from Microsoft, Apple, VMware, Google, Cisco.

Now it’s time to review our own backyard. An abundance of articles has been published across the cybersecurity area with coverage of diversified events, and new releases. Here we are taking this as an opportunity to look back and review the most liked/viewed articles of 2022.

Top Viewed Article # 1

Marriott Breached again for the Third Time – I could say the perception of TheCyberThrone was totally changed and the expectation to perform better went higher after this article got published.

“Marriott has suffered yet another data breach, the second time the hotel chain has had data stolen this year and this was the third attack encountered by the hotel chain.”

Top Viewed Article # 2

Microsoft Patch Tuesday – June 2022 – the second most viewed article of this year 2022.

“Microsoft has released 55 security fixes that resolve critical issues including Remote Code Execution (RCE) and also includes fixes for problems information leaks, Elevation of Privilege (EoP), Use-After-Free issues, and out-of-bounds memory access.”

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Top Viewed Article # 3

Microsoft Patch Tuesday – August 2022 – the third most viewed article of this year 2022.

“Microsoft patched 118 CVEs in its August 2022 Patch Tuesday release, with 17 rated as critical and 101 rated as important. Including two zero-day fixes.”

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Top Viewed Article # 4

IoT device Risks of Take Over! – the fourth most viewed article of this year 2022.

“IoT devices used for commercial applications could be at risk of malicious takeover due to critical vulnerabilities in connected device management platform Axeda.”

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Top Viewed Article # 5

Checkpoint Vs Palo Alto – A Comparison of diversification offerings -Though this article was published in late 2021, it gets attraction and popularity among readers in 2022 and became the fifth most viewed article of the year 2022.

“When it comes to cybersecurity, the two leading platforms that come to our thoughts are Check Point and Palo Alto. Many tend to think that these top contenders are largely the same, to decide which solution has the upper hand and a better cybersecurity platform choice, it certainly helps to get acquainted with this duo of options better. Below is the comparison aims to help you decide better by exploring the following factors:

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Top Viewed Article # 6

GitLab Critical Security Release – the sixth most viewed article of this year 2022.

“GitLab has patched a critical vulnerability that could allow an attacker to execute code remotely. The security issue, which has been rated as critical, has been discovered in all versions of GitLab, starting from 14.0 prior to 14.10.5, 15.0 prior to 15.0.4, and 15.1 prior to 15.1.1.”

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Top Viewed Article # 7

Microsoft Patch Tuesday, April 2022 – the seventh most viewed article of this year 2022.

“Microsoft addresses 117 CVEs in its April 2022 Patch Tuesday release, including two zero-day vulnerabilities, one of which was exploited in the wild and reported to Microsoft by the NSA. 9 patches were rated as critical, and 108 patches were rated as important.”

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Top Viewed Article # 8

Fortinet Addresses Numerous Bugs with Patches – the eighth most viewed article of this year 2022.

“Fortinet patched several vulnerabilities affecting several of its endpoint security products through the release  of firmware and software updates”

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Top Viewed Article # 9

My AWS Certification Journey! From Rookie to Now – the ninth most viewed article of this year 2022 – is my personal motivational story written to motivate others to pursue those certifications

“I would like to share my journey with you all on Amazon Web Services from a rookie to the moment when I have achieved a series of certifications. Though published study guides for each certification that I  have completed already, felt sharing my inner thoughts with all aspiring candidates.”

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Top Viewed Article # 10

PrinterLogic 🖨 Fixes Critical Vulnerabilities in its suite – the tenth most viewed article of this year 2022.

“PrinterLogic has patched nine vulnerabilities in Web Stack and Virtual Appliance, the most severe ones, tracked as CVE-2021-42631, CVE-2021-42635, and CVE-2021-42638, are rated as high severity flaws (CVSS base score of 8.1).”

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Apart from these articles, we have covered a lot much in this year 2022 across 1250+ articles. Many new initiatives has been taken like Certification guides on Cybersecurity and Cloud certifications for many aspiring candidates. Coverage on articles related to Cloud Security across providers. Weekly Security newsletters on review and many more

Like 2022, TheCyberThrone will continue to cover the evolving Cyber threat intelligence space in 2023 seamlessly

This brings end of this most favorite stories review coverage. Thanks for visiting TheCyberThrone. If you like us please follow us on FacebookTwitter

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