October 2, 2023

Snyk has unveiled enhancements to its developer security platform to advance the company’s developer-first approach to DevSecOps.

With the acquisition of Enso Security, leading the list is the addition of a developer application security posture management or ASPM feature, designed to streamline the management of application security posture.

The new feature enables both development and security teams to prioritize and focus on the most pressing risks. The ASPM was designed to respond to the escalating complexity of application environments, which has led to an uptick in improperly prioritized security issues.


Snyk also announced the integration of DeepCode AI. The integration is a result of Snyk’s 2020 acquisition of DeepCode and now forms the backbone of the platform. The update’s highlights is DeepCodeAI Fix, which uses generative and symbolic artificial intelligence to propose secure code fixes directly from an integrated development environment, contributing significantly to developer efficiency.

Snyk provides improved software supply chain security through increased transparency by enabling security teams to generate SBOMs that provide critical transparency for security teams, allowing them to identify where vulnerabilities exist in their application ecosystem, facilitating faster and more effective mitigation efforts.

Snyk says its application of SBOMs helps in more precise tracking of applications, the libraries they use and their respective owners. Further emphasizing transparency and collaboration, the new features allow developers to include the creation of SBOMs in their automated workflows and share these across the entire organization.

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