September 22, 2023

CrowdStrike  have announced new features to its Falcon platform that will help companies more effectively protect their cloud environments from hackers.

Falcon protects billions of software containers for customers. Across the containers and other assets, it secures, and processes several trillion security-related data points per day.

CrowdStrike introduced today is called 1-Click XDR. It’s designed to help companies find and fix insecure cloud instances.  It uses an agent to detect and manage security issues. The 1-Click XDR feature automatically detects cloud instances that aren’t running the agent and installs it. On launch, the feature supports AWS cloud platform.


AWS customers using CrowdStrike will also gain access to a second new capability called Agentless Snapshot Scanning that designed for situations where it’s impractical to install the Falcon agent in a cloud instance.

Agentless Snapshot Scanning can scan cloud assets for security issues even when it’s not possible to install an agent. This feature is capable of mapping out what workloads are running on a given instance. It can also detect known operating system vulnerabilities.

The third major addition to Falcon that CrowdStrike is a tool called Complete Cloud Attack Path Visualization. It helps administrators understand attack paths, the set of tactics that hackers use to breach a system.

The tool can visualize tactics that hackers have used in the past to target a company’s systems. It allows administrators to explore new breach methods that could potentially be used in a future attacks. This information surfaced by the tool can be used to improve their security posture.


CrowdStrike is rolling out the capabilities alongside a few more specialized enhancements. It also upgrading Falcon’s existing feature for detecting insecure cloud configuration settings. CrowdStrike says Falcon can now spot more than 1,000 types of configuration-related security issues.

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