October 2, 2023

Microsoft has announced that it will reserve $425 million to pay a fine it anticipates receiving from the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) due to potential GDPR violations by its subsidiary social media site, LinkedIn.

Back in 2018, the Irish DPC began an investigation into LinkedIn after a complaint was made, claiming that it was allegedly using targeted advertising practices that were in violation of the GDPR.

These targeted ads monitor consumer behavior and use unique attributes to classify these consumers into different categories to help display ads that align with the interests and values of the end user.


After receiving a preliminary draft decision from the Irish DPC in April with the findings, Microsoft complied with the inquiry and set aside the monetary funds for the fourth quarter of 2023, though it ultimately intends to appeal the decision once it is finalized.

Microsoft intends to dispute the legal basis for, and the amount of the proposed fine and will continue to defend its compliance with GDPR. There is no set timeline as to when the IDPC will issue a final decision. After receiving a final decision, it will consider all legal options and intends to defend itself vigorously in this matter.

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