September 25, 2023

Ignitis Group, an energy supplier from Lithuania serving nearly 1.7 million has been hit with its biggest cyberattack in a decade.

The group suffered DDoS attacks over the weekend as part of an ongoing campaign by pro-Russia hacking group Killnet against targets in Lithuania, which has supported Ukraine during the war.


The company stressed its internal systems have not been harmed, and that no breaches into the systems or other negative impacts have been recorded.

Killnet has been targeting organisations in Lithuania due to the support that offered Ukraine during the war with Russia, and in June claimed it perpetrated DDoS attacks that knocked Lithuanian government services and some businesses offline.

This attack was thought to be in retaliation for a blockade organised by Lithuanian government at Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave, which was stopping goods from reaching the rest of Russia.


The attack on Ignitis, becoming the first country to cease imports of Russian gas for domestic use, which was announced in April.

Ignitis itself said that it had bought zero gas from Gazprom, Russian energy supplier, in January, after cutting Gazprom’s share of its gas supply to less than one-third in 2021.

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