May 28, 2023

Mangatoon, a popular comic platform  has suffered a data breach that resulted in  exposure of sensitive  information belonging to 23 million user accounts after a hacker stole it from an unsecured Elasticsearch database.

Data breach notification service Have I Been Pwned have added 23 million Mangatoon accounts to their platform. The addition of the Mangatoon database comes after HIBP’s owner, Troy Hunt, attempted to contact the company about the data breach without any success.


Mangatoon users can now search for their email address on HIBP and check if their account is part of the breach.

The data breach was conducted by a well-known hacker named pompompurin, who said they stole the database from an Elasticsearch server that was using weak credentials.

pompompurin shared samples of the database, which we confirmed to be valid accounts on the Mangatoon platform. The hacker gang will release the stolen details at some point when they queried on data leak.

pompompurin has been involved in other high-profile breaches, including sending fake cyberattack emails through the FBI’s Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal (LEEP) and stealing customer data from Robinhood.


After the RaidForums hacking forums were seized by law enforcement, pompompurin launched a similar forum called Breache

Source : Bleeping Computer

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