October 4, 2023

Cybersecurity firm ZeroFox Inc. announced a global strategic partnership with Mandiant, a part of FireEye Inc. The deal will see ZeroFox’s capabilities for disrupting malicious activity on social media and digital channels available within the Mandiant platform, including the ability to disable malicious or offensive content and fake accounts and sites.

Subscribers to Mandiant Advantage Digital Threat Monitoring will be able to review security incidents on the Mandiant Advantage dashboard and immediately initiate action by the ZeroFox global disruption team to tackle domain and social media-based attacks.

Security teams need a new way to effectively address the rapid rate of internet-based attacks.Our global intelligence and disruption capabilities offer customers the ability to address threats, at the source and at scale.

ZeroFox Statement

The combined solution is being pitched as designed to provide robust global disruption of threat actors by removing malicious websites and content via web domain takedown services. The service offers brand protection for customers by blocking malicious URLs and remediating malicious social media accounts and content that impersonate brands and executives or target customers with phishing attacks, ransomware and scams.

Security teams need a fast, reliable solution to confront the increasingly complex digital assets used by adversaries to threaten their organization. This joint solution allows Mandiant Advantage customers to have direct access to actor infrastructure disruption, reducing the remediation and response time to address threats impacting their brand value.

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