June 7, 2023

Zscaler and ServiceNow have announced new integrations designed to enhance customer’s zero trust architectures by providing complete control of sensitive cloud-based data and fast threat detection and response.

The new offering provides native ingestion of Zscaler cloud security threat intelligence in order to accelerate threat investigation and response workflows for cloud-first organisations. Provides actionable data in a single console reduces time.

Zscaler Data Protection integrations, customers can improve data protection and compliance on the Service Now Platform. Authentication will be controlled by Zscaler restricting unmanaged device from accessing platform. Devices can access service now only through Zscaler where sensitive data control can be enforced

Key Benifits

  • Restore data protection and compliance
  • Securely enable work from anywhere
  • Streamline incident response

ServiceNow can automate the addition of new malicious domains and URLs into Zscaler Internet Access to immediately contain a investigation and mitigation of threats is a prime motive

Organisations are shifting to a hybrid workforce where work from anywhere is quickly becoming the norm, requiring a completely new approach to security, built on zero trust.

ServiceNow’s workflows create an enterprise-wide fabric that help ensure the resilience and agility of a company’s digital landscape.

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