December 6, 2023

The BlackCat (aka ALPHAV) ransomware group claims to have hacked the Morrison Community Hospital and added it to its dark web Tor leak site.

The threat actors claim to have stolen 5TB of patients’ and employee’s information, backups, PII documents, and more. The gang also published a sample as proof of the stolen data

The group states that it has started contacting journalists because the representatives of the Morrison Community Hospital haven’t provided a clear response. The Alphv gang also threatens to initiate patient calls shortly.


The researcher Brett Callow states that far this year, 29 US health systems with 90 hospitals between them have been impacted by #ransomware, and at least 23/29 had data stolen.

Last month, the LockBit ransomware group breached two hospitals, the Carthage Area Hospital and the Clayton Hepburn Medical Center in New York.

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