October 3, 2023

Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers from Illinois has disclosed a data breach that affected about 250,000 people potentially had their personal information exposed.

The incident was discovered on April 4 and “immediately took steps” to respond. The hospital said it “mailed notices to individuals whose personal information may have been involved.”. The hospital said 248,943 people were potentially affected overall.

As of May 23, the hospital had said it was still investigating the incident. The announcement does not mention a specific attacker, but it says “there were exports of data to an external cloud storage platform by an unauthorized party.” There is no mention of a ransom demand from Royal mail ransomware group.


The potentially exposed data includes “names, addresses, dates of birth, social security numbers, medical record numbers and account numbers, and diagnostic codes of current and former healthcare patients at Morris Hospital AND the names, addresses, social security numbers, and dates of birth of current and former employees and their dependents and beneficiaries,”.

The hospital said it “reset passwords for all employee accounts and suspended mobile email access” and “identified and removed malicious files, enhanced its monitoring, logging, and detection capabilities.”

The organization hired unspecified “global security professionals” to investigate and assist with recovery efforts that resulted in the recovery of files.

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