December 2, 2023

Symantec has announced a new partnership with Google Cloud to embed generative artificial intelligence into the Symantec Security platform to enable customers to handle detection and response seamlessly.

With this partnership, Symantec will leverage the Google Cloud Security AI Workbench and security-specific large language model Sec-PaLM 2–across its portfolio to enable natural language interfaces and generate more comprehensive and easy-to-understand threat analyses.

he Google Cloud Security AI Workbench  is built on Vertex AI, and it leverages landscape visibility from Google Cloud and Mandiant to give defenders more natural, creative, and effective ways to keep their organizations safe.


The implementation within the Symantec Security platform will power summaries of complex incidents with alignment to the MITRE ATT&CK context. Doing so allows security operations center analysts of all levels to understand threats better and respond faster, delivering greater security and higher SOC productivity.

This partnership is also focused on addressing the growing cybersecurity talent gap. Symantec argues that as enterprise attack surfaces expand and become more complex, companies are struggling to hire security analysts with deep expertise.

Symantec products provide more accessible ways to operate security products without the requirement to learn complicated syntax or other system features.

The initial rollout of the integration requires no update on products and processes and can be accessed via Symantec’s existing externally facing sites. Symantec is also now sharing query language samples with Google Cloud to help its Sec-PaLM 2 LLM better interact with its specific systems resulting in improved workflows.

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