October 3, 2023

1. Deloitte Refutes Data Breach Cl0P claims Responsible

The Cl0p Ransomware has struck again, this time claiming to have targeted Deloitte. The ransomware gang, known for its high-profile attacks, claimed responsibility for breaching Deloitte’s infrastructure in a recent post on its dark web data breach blog. While Deloitte’s response refutes the claims, the incident highlights the ongoing risk posed by the MOVEit vulnerability.

Deloitte’s denial of the breach comes with a strong statement from the company’s global spokesperson. Deloitte stated that they found no evidence of any breach of client data during their analysis.

2. Zyxel vulnerability exploited by BOTS

A critical vulnerability in Zyxel devices tracked as CVE-2023-28771 is having an increased exploitation by botnets.Since the US CISA adds it to the KEV Catalog, this surge is seen.

This vulnerability allows the unauthorized attacker to execute the arbitrary code by sending a specifically crafted packet to the targeted device.Researchers note that multiple botnets, including Dark.IoT-a variants based on Mirai and botnets, utilize an openNIC server for DNS resolution and communication with the C2 server. can perform customizable DDOS attacks and were involved in targeting the vulnerability across the Americas and Asia.


3. Maximus victim of MOVEit Vulnerability

The US Government services provider Maximus. is the latest victim of the Clop ransomware gang’s targeting of a critical vulnerability in MOVEit file transfer software, as data belonging to as many as 11 million people was stolen.

Maximus, which provides services for Medicaid, Medicare, health care reform, welfare-to-work and student loan servicing, disclosed it had been hacked in a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing.The filing states that the company became aware that data could have been compromised after the revelation that the MOVEit file transfer software had been compromised on May 31, but does not give a specific date when it detected that its internal systems had also been compromised.


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4. MOVEit Vulnerability Still Creates Havoc

The UK arm of shipping giant DHL said it is investigating a data breach sourced back to its use of the MOVEit, which has been exploited by a Cl0p ransomware group for nearly two months.

DHL, in a statement, confirmed that one of its software providers was impacted by the vulnerability affecting MOVEit, a file-sharing tool from Progress Software. The investigation is ongoing, and we will continue to communicate with those affected when we have more information to share.DHL becomes the latest major company to announce a breach related to the Clop ransomware gang’s exploitation of the MOVEit bug. Progress Software has patched the software, but the cybercriminals have still been able to find unpatched targets.


5. Cybersecurity Bootcamps Myths and Reality

As the cyber threat landscape evolves and attacks continue to escalate in frequency and devastation, cyber security has become one of the most sought-after disciplines in the modern workforce. With skyrocketing demand for skilled professionals, many are turning to cyber security bootcamps for fast-tracked training and certification.

In this article, an overview of cyber security bootcamps, explore the costs and benefits of this popular training format has been discussed.

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