October 3, 2023

A critical vulnerability in Zyxel devices tracked as CVE-2023-28771 is having an increased exploitation by botnets.

Since the US CISA adds it to the KEV Catalog, this surge is seen. This vulnerability allows the unauthorized attacker to execute the arbitrary code by sending a specifically crafted packet to the targeted device.

Researchers note that multiple botnets, including Dark.IoT-a variants based on Mirai and botnets, utilize an openNIC server for DNS resolution and communication with the C2 server. can perform customizable DDOS attacks and were involved in targeting the vulnerability across the Americas and Asia.


Threat actors specifically target the command injection vulnerability in the Internet Key Exchange (IKE) packet transmitted over UDP on Zyxel devices.

They utilize curl or wget tools to download scripts to tailor MIPS architecture for further malicious actions.

Once the initial scripts are downloaded, they will rename themselves and execute zywall parameters to ensure the connectivity of ZyXEL vulnerability. Scripts related to RapperBot also get downloaded to make persistence.

Threat actors utilized multiple servers for this campaign to compromise the ZyXEL devices with sophistication.


Devices with known vulnerabilities should be patched and updated as soon as possible to prevent attacks and compromises.

Indicators of Compromise

  • d618c817e6a93193a499126156a1f7e888008dacdb247a769fd69ce4c0c87b67
  • a6729c047d776294fa21956157eec0b50efa7447b8e2834b05be31080767006f
  • 729f2fa4d037912a360cb7c4e2c37765da0c38725451600f0258109b672f615e
  • 2c55674e938e7618f7c9273e3da61ce7aeab3dc5626b7b8b4e3fc7cc95d0436f
  • 928d8ccd71edda5891068d703603ba0b70687f746c9da73afa6692b274ea757c
  • 6137a30d8eb932d25664ced747424b15072e676b5d4d27d5b8f3b84f48344217
  • 0c394849ce4f636cc79cc84389b66a0dbdaf14a61a6d87302e807f2153bc6c2b
  • 2fe13ee992cf00778bcc92dc3732305114dca1700dedca7c29342216df236644
  • 034cdcb42d1d7b921b4732230bbdcb4089107490a30b8cd7a62e67b657e33d26
  • 3d69c780fefa0c3a34190989d43268a272004f0623d3e596bc0c92e1744832c9
  • 79f69993110688372a5898d05f1141b7f44f3f5f55cd50b6a493c1d33af141c8
  • c68211116bbc43c2fe0aba8b598b88b218adc0d995311a4e7030de8acd48076e
  • 51becb81d6bdfe79111974c05f2e4a20a8825a872a92df86cbc98517100b031a
  • 42b4e116c5d2d3e9d4777c7eaa3c3835a126c02673583c2dfb1ae2bf0bf0db48
  • 85d3d93910bfb8410a0e82810d05aa67a6702ce0cdfc38d1d01f2f9471d20150
  • 12c65cfd227d393fd338223eb50140571760de04ef0a21fe3c4636e1bfaf4966
  • f82f5ec551f9ac3bb5a3b1ace5dd21c35239bd983fd9a36e0e7c07bfb48a3fdd
  • 28fa9225db6d42084123989712313489e255376134f8e77f07b77c345a026304
  • 312022da42ab6df882c44d984f9aceea7f08e217a5ca8ca985c533a1af399cee

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