December 11, 2023

SquareX has emerged from stealth with plans for a disposable browser for users to access the Internet safely and privately.

A web browser plays a vital role in each one life, whether for playing games, looking up information, communicating with others, or accessing various applications for school or work.

SquareX aims to protect these users from various browser-based attacks, such as phishing, identity theft, and session hijacking, by allowing them to open links and files in a cloud environment so that anything malicious will be contained and never reach their devices.

SquareX is not creating a new browser but rather an extension that will connect a user’s browser to the cloud service. The idea isn’t so different from other browser isolation technologies on the market, but it’s geared toward the individual user.


SquareX tackles endpoint protection differently from most endpoint security products, as it doesn’t try to block access to potentially malicious files or resources. Users often disable security products or otherwise bypass controls in order to access the flagged materials, thinking it may be the product’s error or worrying that they still need to complete their tasks.

SquareX’s focus is to neutralize threats by containing malicious files and processes in temporary container sandboxes. SquareX is taking a protection approach, where irrespective of how new and sophisticated the attack is, it has no chance to infect users.

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