December 6, 2023

Okta has announced  a new service that helps companies optimize their identity security posture. The new service is an attack protection service that leverages insights from the Okta Customer Identity Cloud to provide a single view of authentication events, potential security incidents and threat response efficacy.

This includes real-time data on the current state of attack protection, with threat monitoring of attack vectors and application-level visibility into authentication traffic. To determine posture, organizations need to parse through logs and third-party tools to identify attacks effectively and be ready to respond to them.


The service leverages Okta Customer Identity Cloud security insights to provide teams with a faster way to detect and respond to identity threats. It offers a streamlined view of authentication events, potential incidents, and threat response efficacy, allowing security teams to optimize their security posture without excessive added costs or creating an in-house solution.

Also, Security Center has an ability to measure the user experience impacts of any attack protection features applied by organizations. Okta says attack protection features must balance security with user experience balancing friction while maintaining appropriate protections against identity attacks.

The new service shows the user experience effects of defense tactics, allowing organizations to adjust security and friction as they best determine. Using it, customers can fine-tune their attack protection strategy by seeing in near-real time how defense tactics such as MFA, rate limiting, and CAPTCHAs affect their applications.

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