December 9, 2023

Digital identity management firm ForgeRock announced Enterprise Connect Passwordless, a new authentication solution that eliminates the need for users to interact with passwords inside large organizations.

A colloboration between ForgeRock and password authentication provider Secret Double Octopus, the new solution is integrated into the ForgeRock Identity Platform to protect commonly used and vulnerable enterprise resources such as servers, workstations, remote desktops and virtual private networks.

Enterprise Connect Passwordless helps large enterprises proactively defend against costly cyberattacks and unauthorized access by providing users a passwordless experience to legacy applications, systems, and services.

Organizations that use the new service become more secure by removing employee interaction with passwords, reducing the risk of password compromise. Benefits include eliminating employee account lockouts and reducing the volume of information technology tickets, increased workforce productivity, and enhanced user experiences.

The service uses next-generation identity orchestration capabilities that allow enterprises to design and implement passwordless logins tailored to their individual security and experience needs.

The service will be available in the second quarter and will augment the company’s existing passwordless capabilities, adding to the work it has been doing to eliminate consumer passwords for over a decade.

ForgeRock already supports passwordless authentication capabilities through FIDO2 WebAuthn standards and passkeys within the Identity Cloud, low-code, no-code access orchestration with Intelligent Access, and AI-driven threat protection within Autonomous Access.

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