March 25, 2023

BidenCash, an underground carding business, offers the data of 2 million credit cards for free on the eve of its 1st year anniversary.

This leaked dataset comprises credit card information sourced from various regions globally, with a considerable proportion of the cards issued in the US, China, India, Mexico, Canada, UK


The compromised data includes over 500,000 email addresses, each of which is linked to its corresponding credit card number and even the CVV code that is available in a plain text

There are a number of cardholder details (PCI) that have been leaked, including:-

  • Full names
  • Card numbers
  • Bank details
  • Expiration dates
  • Card verification value (CVV) numbers
  • Home addresses

This leaked information has found its way onto a renowned Russian-language hacker forum, which could lead to further illicit activities. The data trove of around 260 MB was seen in the dark web forum

The compromised data in question comprised a minimum of:-

  • 740,858 credit cards
  • 811,676 debit cards
  • 293 charge cards

The exposure of email addresses and complete personal information in the compromised data makes the affected individuals susceptible to a host of additional cyberattacks, such as phishing and digital fraud.

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