December 5, 2023

Grafana Labs is releasing two open-source tools designed to help developers make their applications more efficient and resolve software errors faster.

Grafana, one of the most popular open-source platforms for detecting technical issues in IT infrastructure. The startup also offers several other open-source tools likewise focused on helping IT teams find and fix malfunctions faster.

The first new open-source tool is known as Grafana Phlare. It enables developers to track an application’s processor utilization, memory requirements and other hardware usage metrics. The data provided by Phlare can help developers identify opportunities to make their software more resource-efficient.


Phlare can measure the resource utilization of individual lines of code in an application. The tool creates multiple copies of the application data it collects, which means that no information is lost in the event of an outage.

Grafana Faro, the second open-source tool that is designed to help developers find any technical issues that may affect an application’s interface. The tool collects technical data about potential malfunctions and makes it available through a centralized monitoring dashboard.

In order to collect data about errors in an application requires developers to add significant amounts of so-called instrumentation code to the application’s code base. Grafana says that Faro simplifies the process.

Faro collects multiple types of technical data about an application’s interface. It can collect logs, data points that describe specific events such as outages, as well as information about code errors and application performance.

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