October 4, 2023

Zscaler has announced new data protection technolgy that build upon a rich heritage of securing data across all cloud apps for data in motion, data at rest, and BYOD assets with accuracy

Data an important part of organization is created and scattered across. Enterprises’ inability to protect distributed data is a major findings of recent researches.


Traditional DLP solutions can’t secure distributed data and require a massive amount of resources to configure, maintain and manage, which can be costly and result in months to implement, putting organizations at risk.

The lack of automated workflows prevents security teams from managing critical risks leading to elongated mitigation timelines and unresolved incidents. Organizations with security working in silos has suffering the major impact. A unified strategy solution is a prime solution.

The recently introduced security service edge (SSE), reinforces the market’s need for unified data protection as part of a larger, purpose-built security platform. These advancements to the Zero Trust Exchange, aligned to SSE principles, further Zscaler’s position as a leader in data protection by empowering security teams with:

  • Expedited Deployment Cycles with Zero Configuration DLP
  • Mitigated Security Risks by Unifying Data Protection Across all Channels
  • Simplified Operations through Automated Workflows

Securing data is always a challenge due to complex workflows and inconsistent protection strategies and coverage across users and devices. With this Zscaler solution it’s straightforward seamless protection

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