September 22, 2023

Bulgarian government sites have been heavily under a DDoS attack during this weekend, Russia the prime suspect.

Traffic flooded the websites of the Bulgarian President, the National Revenue Agency, and the ministries of internal affairs, defense, and justice. Even telecoms firms, airports, banks, and some media companies were also a target during the attack.

The head of Bulgaria’s National Investigation Service reportedly said the authorities had identified the suspects as coming from the Russian city of Magnitogorsk.


The notorious Russian cybercrime outfit Killnet had already claimed responsibility as per the reports.

Bulgaria a NATO and EU member could certainly be a Russian soft target. Although assistance to Ukraine has so far been limited to an extent. Already a plan is under development for providing weaponry support if approved.

The attacks on Bulgarian government websites reportedly caused minor outages but not much more disruption. DDoS attacks have been a regular occurrence during the war in Ukraine, often spilling over into attacks

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