September 22, 2023

Tanium has launched a solution named Benchmark that delivers real-time holistic assessments of the security and operational risks associated with endpoint devices that was connected to it.


The solution supported by Tanium XEM, is designed to help teams prioritize efforts, collaborate effectively and take risk-mitigation action while reducing information technology costs and complexity.

The solution determines real-time risk scores by analyzing up-to-date, comprehensive data from millions of endpoints across Tanium’s customer base.

The solution compares a customer’s endpoint metrics against industry peers to establish a baseline for ongoing measurement and evaluation. Tanium Benchmark also enables IT operations, risk and security teams to provide board members and company executives with just-in-time data to make more informed decisions.

Tanium Benchmark findings can be used to manage and track endpoints’ state and proactively mitigate risk based on more than 20 different metrics, including vulnerability, outstanding patches and lateral movement risk.


The launch of Tanium Benchmark comes after an expanded cybersecurity partnership with Google Cloud in August that helps organizations accelerate the transformation to distributed business operations and integration with Microsoft in September, for providing enhanced security.

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