September 27, 2023

Skybox Security has announced a new release of its Security Posture Management Platform which offers to propel its customers to the next level of proactive cybersecurity.

As claimed by skybox, this is a first software-as-a-service solution for security policy and vulnerability management, includes major innovations. The platform has been enhanced by continuously testing attack feasibility, exposure, remediation options and compliance across hybrid environments.

The new Security Posture Management Platform offers a fresh approach to Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management by visualizing all assets through application programming interface applications.


The solution integrates, identifies, and prioritizes vulnerabilities using threat intelligence, identifies gaps in security controls and automatically provides remediation options.

These advancements are very significant, and it will enable customers to dynamically model operational technology, information technology and hybrid cloud environments including all networking and security data related to a specific asset.

The new release combines security posture management with vulnerability management and threat hunting. The platform associates’ vulnerabilities to malware by name, category, and distinct classes – including ransomware, RAT, viruses, botnets, cryptominers.

The service offers expanded integrations to eliminate complexity, reduce administrative burden and provide more effective cybersecurity. The service now offers over 150 integrations to build an extensive model of a customer’s unique hybrid environment, including all the customer’s L3 devices.

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