September 30, 2023

Google has released the latest Chrome update patches six high-severity vulnerabilities, including four use-after-free bugs.

The most severe of the newly addressed flaws is CVE-2022-3445, a use-after-free vulnerability in Skia, the open-source 2D graphics library that serves as Chrome’s graphics engine. Google paid $15000 as bug bounty

Another $13,000, has been handed for reporting CVE-2022-3446, a heap buffer overflow in WebSQL.


Google paid $7,500 has been handed for CVE-2022-3447 and $2,500 for CVE-2022-3448.

Two other use-after-free vulnerabilities were resolved in Safe Browsing CVE-2022-3449 and Peer Connection CVE-2022-3450, but Google has yet to disclose the bug bounty amount.

No major details available as usual and nothing exploited in wild. The latest Chrome version is 106.0.5249.119.

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