December 6, 2023

Russian threat actors have begun launching cyber-attacks at targets inside their country, in retaliation for what they see as a needless war with Ukraine, according to a new report.

Their first target was Unisoftware, a Russian software developer that reportedly works closely with government clients.

Threat actors stolen all data held by the firm, including banking and personal account credentials, employee information, phone numbers, addresses, contracts, and proprietary code for Unisoftware clients and software.


Another potential target could have been Russian IT retail giant DNS, which admitted in a brief statement earlier this week that it had been breached.

It revealed that although passwords and bank card data was safe, an unspecified volume of personal information on customers and employees had been compromised.

Cyber-attacks have been a key tactic for both Ukraine and Russia over recent months. Ukraine IT army performed DDoS on key Russian sites, while Russian state hackers have launched hundreds of separate destructive and information ops campaigns against Kyiv.

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