December 5, 2023

Google Cloud has introduced new features that will enable companies to secure and manage their cloud environments more easily.

The first feature is the Workforce Identity Federation, which is rolling out for the Google Cloud IAM service. Google Cloud IAM enables companies to centrally manage which employees can access what component of their cloud infrastructure and how. The new Workforce Identity Federation feature promises to reduce the amount of work involved in managing employee access.

Earlier, organizations had to create a copy of the data stored by their IdP platform (stores data about which employee can use what technology asset and how) and add the copy to Google Cloud. Workforce Identity Federation removes the need to create and maintain two separate data copies.


The next feature is called GKE Autopilot. The capability is available as part of Google Cloud’s Google Kubernetes Engine service for running software containers. GKE Autopilot can automatically provision and manage the cloud infrastructure on which a company’s software containers run, thereby saving time for administrators.

GKE Autopilot can now provision cloud instances equipped with Nvidia Corp.’s T4 and A100 graphics processing units. The T4 is a multipurpose GPU designed to run both artificial intelligence and video processing applications. The A100, in turn, is Nvidia’s most advanced AI chip: It promises to provide up to 20 times more performance than the chipmaker’s previous flagship data center GPU.

Cloud Spanner, Google Cloud’s managed relational database, can now perform twice as many data operations at once on a company’s business information. Meanwhile, the Natural Language API service is receiving an upgraded content classification AI that customers can use to organize documents by topic. The AI is capable of organizing documents in a more fine-grained manner than before and supports 10 additional languages.

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