October 3, 2023

Google releases Chrome stable channel version with patches for 20 vulnerabilities.

Out of 20, five are rated ‘high’ severity, eight are ‘medium’ severity, and three are ‘low’ severity.

In Chrome, use-after-free flaws can often be exploited for sandbox escapes, and Google this month announced improved protections against the exploitation of these security holes.


Of the five high-severity issues that Chrome 106 resolves, four are use-after-free vulnerabilities impacting three browser components, namely CSS, Survey, and Media. The fifth is an insufficient validation of untrusted input in Developer Tools.

This version also resolves three medium-severity use-after-free vulnerabilities, which impact three other Chrome components: Assistant, Import, and Logging.

The browser update also resolves medium-severity insufficient policy enforcement in Developer Tools and Custom Tabs, insufficient validation of untrusted input in VPN, incorrect security UI in Full Screen, and a type confusion in Blink.

The latest Chrome iteration is now rolling out to macOS and Linux as version 106.0.5249.61, and arrives on Windows computers as versions 106.0.5249.61/62.

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