September 26, 2023

Cloudflare is launching a new user validation service called Turnstile that aims to replace CAPTCHA tests.

Turnstile is based on a tool called Managed Challenge, Cloudflare own product. This will runs quick and silent checks of your browser’s technical behavior and other telemetry in an attempt to determine that you are human without asking you to do anything.

Only if the tool doesn’t have adequate confidence will it show you a harder challenge or a puzzle to solve. Managed Challenge is constantly testing different types of puzzles to find the options that are less frustrating for users.


The feature that gives Turnstile the highest chance of succeeding and replacing CAPTCHA is Cloudflare’s decision to make it available to everyone.

Cloudflare points out that Google’s reCAPTCHA dominates the market and using it requires sharing your data with the Google. Due to which Cloudflare dumped reCAPTCHA back in 2020.

Turnstile uses data to which it has access to through collaborations with device manufacturers to perform the validation. Therefore it can confirm data without actually collecting, touching, or storing that data ourselves.

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