October 4, 2023

ThreatLocker has launched its newest software add-on to its Allowlisting solution. A in-cloud learning feature to strengthen their zero trust security posture.

ThreatLocker’s Allowlisting is a solution that makes onboarding intuitive through its Learning Mode and audit assistance.


Allowlisting is not a set-and-forget solution in a dynamic environement. When users request new applications after the endpoints have been secured, system administrators need to make a judgement as to whether to allow the application which requires research to derive safety of applications.

ThreatLocker’s VDI enables administrators to verify an application. Without impacting a production environment, the VDI creates a testing environment to automatically install the requested application.


This new feature will allow both MSP and Enterprise organisations to not only improve overall accuracy on approvals but reduce approval times without the previous Learning Mode.

ThreatLocker aims to make zero trust as simple as possible, and with this updated application zero trust is now available at your fingertips with the availability of mobile apps for real time monitoring

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