December 9, 2023

A UK car dealership Holdcroft Motor Group has been the victim of cyberattack and employee data may have been compromised in the breach.

The attack apparently caused significant damage to the company’s infrastructure, it as received a demand for payment to release information.

The attack took place on July 28 2022, according to an email sent to staff at the company. Following internal investigations it has been confirmed that some of the data that has been compromised may contain employee personal data.


“We have now managed to resolve the majority of the access issues that employees have been experiencing, although some of our core systems have been damaged beyond repair or have been permanently deleted.”

It is likely the company has fallen victim to a phishing or social engineering attack

For companies without in-house cyber expertise. To protect the workforce and enable them to become the first line of defence, it is key organisations hold regular training sessions on the dangers of cybercrime

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