December 3, 2023

Google Cloud announced the general availability of a new threat intelligence solution in the Chronicle secops suite: Curated Detections.

The solution will provide security teams with detections created by the Google Cloud Threat Intelligence team, providing greater insights into Windows-based threats, GCP cloud-attacks and misconfigurations, with less manual administration


For enterprises, Curated Detections will stand as another cybersecurity offering backed by the Google product ecosystem, which has the potential to rival Microsoft’s new intelligence offering.

Curated detections are segments of threat intelligence prepared by a third-party provider that are designed to filter out some of the noise, and to help security teams identify the most high-value information.

Threat intelligence using curated detections gives practitioners more confidence in the information, allowing them to be more decisive.

While the launch of Curated Detections will add a new solution in the threat intelligence market, Google could move further in the market by opening up its intelligence offering.


While it’s early days for Curated Detections, its ties to the Google Cloud ecosystem and the Chronicle secops suite differentiate it from other offerings on the market.

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