September 22, 2023

Skyhigh Security (formerly known as McAfee enterprise business) is refreshing its flagship cybersecurity platform with new features that will help enterprises more effectively protect their cloud applications and data from cyberattacks.

Secure service edge platform offering that organizations can use to let workers securely log into internal applications. The platform also provides features for several related use cases. It can detect malicious network traffic, block attempts by hackers to access sensitive business data stored in cloud applications and perform other security tasks.


Skyhigh CASB focuses on protecting cloud applications. Skyhigh CASB is receiving the ability to analyze user activity in a cloud application and generate a risk score that indicates whether the activity might be malicious. If the risk score exceeds a certain threshold, the platform can deploy additional access controls to reduce the risk of a data breach.

A new optical character recognition feature been rolling out to protect customers from data breaches. The company’s platform can now detect if a snippet of text embedded into an image contains business information and block such files from leaving the corporate network. The platform enables organizations to regulate how workers manage business information by creating security rules that are enforced automatically.

Many companies rely on a type of software known as a secure web gateway to block malicious network traffic. This new version of its platform makes it easier for companies that use on-premises secure web gateway appliances to move their deployments to the cloud. In conjunction, Skyhigh Security is upgrading the Skyhigh Private Access component of its platform to help users more easily log into business applications from a mobile device.

The company is one of two that emerged from STG’s acquisition of McAfee’s enterprise business last year. STG also formed a second company, called Trellix, that includes assets from both McAfee’s enterprise business and cybersecurity software provider FireEye.


Skyhigh Security and Trellix have indicated that they plan to collaborate on initiatives such as joint go-to-market programs to support their respective growth strategies. Additionally, some features of Skyhigh Security’s newly updated platform are powered by Trellix technology.

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