September 25, 2023

IBM is set to acquire Randori, an offensive security startup that combines attack surface management with continuous automated red teaming to help organizations bolster their cyber defenses.

Attack Surface management, the continuous discovery, inventory, classification and monitoring of a company’s IT infrastructure a must-have for organizations of all sizes. The number of potential exposure points in hybrid cloud operating environments is growing exponentially due to remote and hybrid working.


Randori, which was founded in 2018, aims to help organizations continuously identify external facing assets, both on-premises or in the cloud, that are visible to attackers. Randori Recon provides organizations with a continuous assessment of their attack surface from the attacker’s perspective, while the Attack platform gives security teams insights into hacker logic such as understanding how they plan, target, and execute attacks by automating real-world attacks to identify where security programs break down.

IBM’s acquisition of Randori is yet another sign of the company’s continuing shift away from its legacy business to cloud software and AI-powered cybersecurity services, which it recently bolstered with its takeover of endpoint security platform ReaQTA.

With its latest acquisition, the company  which ranks as the world’s second-largest cybersecurity vendor behind only Microsoft will integrate Randori’s attack surface management software with the extended detection and response (XDR) capabilities of its IBM Security QRadar suite, which will enable security teams to leverage real-time attack surface visibility.


Randori’s CART technology, which enables security teams to stress test defenses, will also be used to bolster the capabilities of IBM’s X Force Red offensive security services team, while Randori insights will be leveraged by IBM’s Managed Security Services to help improve threat detection for thousands of clients.

IBM says it expects the deal, which marks the company’s fourth acquisition of 2022, to close in the next few months, subject to regulatory approval. The financial part of the acquisition is not disclosed. But the experts valued Randori at 50-100 million USD.

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