December 8, 2023

The latest Chrome security update started rolling out with patches for 11 vulnerabilities.

Ten of the addressed vulnerabilities were reported by external researchers. Eight are rated high risks and two medium risks


Six of the externally reported security holes are use-after-free bugs, which in some cases can lead to code execution. Five of them have a severity rating of high risks.

The remaining issues that were reported by external researchers include inappropriate implementations, insufficient policy enforcement, and a type confusion in the V8 engine

Google has paid a total of $13,000 in bug bounty rewards to the reporting researchers, but it has yet to determine the amounts to be paid for more than half of these security defects.


The latest browser iteration is currently rolling out to Windows, Mac, and Linux users as Chrome 100.0.4896.88.

Chrome 100 was released in the stable channel less than two weeks ago, shortly after Google issued an emergency fix to address a zero-day vulnerability.

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