December 11, 2023

Google Chrome releases the new 100 version with many updates. The version brings in new design, features as well as removes a few tools.

Google Chrome gets a new logo with the latest update. The logo seems to have brighter colours and a larger blue circle at the centre. Also, the new icon has no shadows like the previous one. Google Chrome’s logo has changed after a gap of 8 years. The browser was introduced in 2008. Since then, design and basic elements of the logo have remained changed with timely changes in 2011 and 2014.


With the latest Chrome update, users will be able to spot a new mute button on tabs. The feature will allow you to mute audio playing in any app with a single click. The browser displays a sound indicator on the tab when an audio is playing. The feature uses the indicator as a button to mute the audio. The feature was spotted in Google Chrome Canary a few months ago. It is worth noting that the feature is not enabled by default. To enable it you must go to chrome://flags > Tab audio muting UI control > set it to Enabled.

With the Chrome 100, Lite mode has been discontinued . The Lite mode is a special data saving mode offered by Chrome that loads pages faster and uses up to 60 percent less data. The company claims that this move is in view of mobile data getting cheaper and faster in the last few years.

The Google Chrome 100 stable update comes with Multi-Screen Window Placement API. This means that web apps running on Chrome can now take advantage of secondary displays connected with your PC. Although the native apps were able to do so for a long time, the feature for web apps is relatively new.


Google Chrome 100 will be the last version of the web browser to support ‘unreduced’ user-agent strings. For those who don’t know, user-agent strings share key information such as device type and operating system with the websites. Sometimes this information can be personal, or it may stop a few websites on the browser due to incompatibility.

After installing the Chrome 100, Android users will be able to see a new confirmation pop-up when closing all tabs at once. “Close all tabs? Warning: This action cannot be undone. Close all tabs and lose any unsaved data?” the pop-up reads. The tech giant has been testing this feature for quite some time.

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