May 28, 2023

Vodafone NZ has a new partnership that is set to strengthen company’s cybersecurity posture. It has signed an agreement to acquire 60% of DEFEND, a cybersecurity specialists

Vodafone and DEFEND have successful collaborations in the past with an ongoing partnership, and the new deal is will leverage the collective expertise, energy and ethos of DEFEND while retaining its current staff and structure.

The deal comes as a result of Vodafone recognising the growing market for user-centric cyber security solutions and witnessing DEFENDs growth in the sector over the years.

With cybercrime and threat still a real challenge in the broadband and telecom space, Vodafone believes that investing in new technologies and solutions is key to retaining a positive customer experience. The new partnership is said to provide both DEFEND and Vodafone New Zealand customers with increased capability and capacity to drive cyber resilience.


DEFEND has a track record of providing effective solutions since its launch in 2017. The company has received multiple awards, including ISANZ Cyber Security Start-up of the Year 2018, ISANZ 2019 Company of the Year and was Microsoft New Zealand Partner Awards winner 2020 for Modern Work & Security and 2021 for Security.

The transaction is expected to be completed by April, and Vodafone continues to provide updates on cybersecurity solutions for its customers on a regular basis.

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