December 8, 2023

The Anonymous collective announced that the internal network of Belarusian railways has been compromised, the group claims to have blocked all services and will deactivate them until Russian troops will leave the territory of Belarus.

Purpose of attack is to disrupt the deployment of the occupation forces and to give to Ukrainians more time to repel the attack.

The attack forced the Belarusian railway to switch to manual control mode, with a significant impact on the operations that caused the slowdown of the movement of trains. The attacks don’t put in danger the population but aim at interfering with the transportation in a country that is offering its support to Russia while invading Ukraine.


Anonymous already launched a war on Russia and against those countries that are supporting military operations in Ukraine, like Belarus. The collective has stolen around 200GB of emails from Belarusian weapons maker Tetraedr. This company provided logistical support to Vladimir Putin during the invasion of Ukraine.

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