June 9, 2023

SC-400 certification mainly evolves around the concepts of Knowing your data, protecting your data, data prevention and governing the data is part of the information protection and governance program it’s a continuous process where changes are required as per the current environment


This course equips IT Identity and Access Professionals, as well as IT Security Professionals, with the skills and knowledge required to implement information and data protection solutions that are based on Microsoft Azure AD and other connected identity technologies.

An administrator or engineer who wants to become a specialist in Azure-based information governance would benefit from this course.


Responsibilities of an Information Protection Administrator Associate

The Microsoft information protection administrator plans and implements controls that meet organizational compliance needs. This person is responsible for translating requirements and compliance controls into technical implementation. They assist organizational control owners to become and stay compliant.

They work with IT personnel, business application owners, human resources, and legal stakeholders to implement technology that supports policies and controls necessary to sufficiently address regulatory requirements for their organization. They also work with the compliance and security leadership, such as a chief compliance officer and security officer, to evaluate the full breadth of associated enterprise risk and partner to develop those policies.

This person defines applicable requirements and tests IT processes and operations against those policies and controls. They are responsible for creating policies and rules for content classification, data loss prevention, governance, and protection.

Who must take the exam

  • Security Engineer
  • Information and Risk Manager
  • Cloud administrator
  • Data protection administrator

Exam Details: SC-400

Exam Name                      Microsoft Information Protection Administrator Associate

Exam Code                       SC-400

Exam Duration                 120 minutes

Exam Format                    Multiple Choice and Multi-Response Questions

Exam Type                        Online and Proctored Exam

Number of Questions     40-60

Exam Fee                         $165 USD

Exam Language               English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean

Pass Score                       700 (on a scale of 1-1000)

Exam Medium                 Pearson Vue or Certiport

After successfully passing the SC-400 , the candidate will gain the role of Microsoft Certified: Information Protection Administrator Associate


Topics Covered in the Azure SC-400 Certification

The SC-400 exam includes three major topics, with each focusing on different concepts in information protection. Each domain has a different weightage with a different set of subtopics

Implement Information Protection (35-40%)

Create and manage sensitive information types

  • Select a sensitive information type based on an organization’s requirements
  • Create and manage custom sensitive information types
  • Create custom sensitive information types with exact data match
  • Implement document fingerprinting
  • Create a keyword dictionary

Create and manage trainable classifiers

  • Identify when to use trainable classifiers
  • Create a trainable classifier
  • Verify a trainable classifier is performing properly
  • Retrain a classifier

Implement and manage sensitivity labels

  • Identify roles and permissions for administering sensitivity labels
  • Create sensitivity labels
  • Configure and manage sensitivity label policies
  • Apply sensitivity labels to Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 groups, and SharePoint sites
  • Configure and publish automatic labelling policies (excluding MCAS scenarios)
  • Monitor data classification and label usage by using label analytics tools such as content explorer and activity explorer
  • Apply bulk classification to on-premises data by using the AIP unified labelling scanner
  • Manage protection settings and marking for applied sensitivity labels
  • Apply protections and restrictions to email including content marking, usage, permission,encryption, expiration, etc.
  • Apply protections and restrictions to files including content marking, usage, permission,encryption, expiration, etc.
  • Manage and govern data by using Azure Purview

Plan and implement encryption for email messages

  • Define requirements for implementing Office 365 Message Encryption
  • Implement Office 365 Advanced Message Encryption

Implement Data Loss Prevention (30-35%)

Create and configure data loss prevention policies

  • Recommend a data loss prevention solution for an organization
  • Configure data loss prevention for policy precedence
  • Configure policies for Microsoft Exchange email
  • Configure policies for Microsoft SharePoint sites
  • Configure policies for Microsoft OneDrive accounts
  • Configure policies for Microsoft Teams chat and channel messages
  • Integrate Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) with Microsoft Information Protection
  • Configure policies in Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS)
  • Implement data loss prevention policies in test mode

Implement and monitor Microsoft Endpoint data loss prevention

  • Configure policies for endpoints
  • Configure Endpoint data loss prevention settings
  • Recommend configurations that enable devices for Endpoint data loss prevention policies
  • Monitor endpoint activities

Manage and monitor data loss prevention policies and activities

  • Manage and respond to data loss prevention policy violations
  • Review and analyze data loss prevention reports
  • Manage permissions for data loss prevention reports
  • Manage data loss prevention violations in Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS)

Implement Information Governance (25-30%)

Configure retention policies and labels

  • Create and apply retention labels
  • Create and apply retention label policies
  • Configure and publish auto-apply label policies

Manage data retention in Microsoft 365

  • Create and apply retention policies in Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive
  • Create and apply retention policies in Microsoft Teams
  • Recover content in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive
  • Recover content in Microsoft Exchange
  • Implement retention policies and tags in Microsoft Exchange
  • Apply mailbox holds in Microsoft Exchange
  • Implement Microsoft Exchange Online archiving policies

Implement records management in Microsoft 365

  • Configure labels for records management
  • Manage and migrate retention requirements with a file plan
  • Configure automatic retention using File Plan descriptors
  • Classify records using retention labels and policies
  • Implement in-place records management in Microsoft SharePoint
  • Configure event-based retention
  • Manage disposition of records

Candidates could not just start reading every book. They get to cover all topics in the SC-400 exam skills outline. You can get started with your preparations for the SC-400 exam without any difficulties by following the tips mentioned below:

Familiarize with the Exam

Candidates should understand all the topics covered in the exam skills outline for the SC-400 exam. As a result, they could identify suitable learning materials for each topic. This can save them a lot of effort in finding out the relevant resources for supporting their preparations.


Use Microsoft Learning

With a clear idea of all the details about the exam, you can look for moving to the next stage of the SC-400 preparation guide. You need credible learning resources for building a clear foundation for success in qualifying for the exam. Microsoft Learning gives official resources that can help in preparing for SC-400 with reflection on different aspects of Azure security, Compliance, and identity.

The official recommended learning paths for the SC-400  exam on the official certification page give a prolific advantage to all learners. The learning paths are divided into different parts for helping you in flexible learning.

Learning paths recommended for the SC-400 exam can improve your command over the fundamentals of Azure security, Compliance, and identity. With the help of Microsoft learning paths, candidates could discover the perfect start to their SC-400  preparations.

Study Guide SC-400 Microsoft Learning Docs

Go for Official Documentation Only

If you thought Microsoft only has learning paths, you need to think twice. The official Microsoft documentation about information governance  gives the ideal tools for navigating the massive body of knowledge pertaining to the concepts.

The official documentation allows candidates to explore the technical content relevant to their SC-400  study guide. The official Microsoft documentation also allows the flexibility of selecting resources according to roles, topics, products, job roles, and experience level.


Training Courses are Helpful

Candidates preparing for Microsoft Azure SC-400  certification could also get the benefit of competitive advantage in their preparations through training courses. There are various professional certification training providers with a wide array of online courses. It is also essential to look for interactive exercises and engaging demo videos with the training courses to ensure a better quality of learning. Most important of all, choose a training course which allows you some room to breathe. It can be difficult to concentrate on your preparation when you must complete the course within a specific time.

Study Guide SC-400 Udemy Course

Practice Tests Can Test You – Important!

It is true that practice is the key factor of success in professional certification exams. So, you need to make the most of practice tests for the SC-400  exam for evaluating your preparations. Practice tests feature similar formats to the actual exam and encourage the confidence of candidates. Regular practice with practice tests for the SC-400  exam can help candidates familiarize themselves with the exam format. They can also showcase how the candidates perform in different domains of the exam. Therefore, practice tests are always necessary to add the finishing touch to your preparations.

Practise Test SC-400 Practise Exam

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