December 8, 2023

Swiss army has banned messaging apps such as Signal, Telegram, and WhatsApp and requires army members to use the locally developed Threema messaging app

Threema is a paid communications service, Swiss army promised to cover the annual subscription cost for all soldiers, which is roughly $4.40 per user and also recommending on Facebook, Threema as a secure ad-free communication tool that features end-to-end encryption and leaves no digital trace.No penalties if army members use foreign IM apps for now.


Many messaging apps promise end-to-end encryption and private and secure communications, many keep some metadata on users that can be subpoenaed by law enforcement. Thedata varies between apps, with some only sharing registration dates, while others can provide I.P. addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, partial message content, and more.

Some of the messaging apps are open source, parts of their server code remain opaque, so there is no clear picture of what is actually logged by all of the platforms.


One of the main differences is that Threema does not require users to provide a phone number or email address upon registration, so a user’s identity cannot be determined through publicly available data.

People tend to use their communication apps based on their features, usability, and even compatibility. The security and privacy aspect, which often goes overlooked, is the most significant factor to consider when using messaging apps.

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