December 3, 2023

This post is just a review of 2021 most favorite stories read by readers from TheCyberThrone. We reviewed about most ransomware stories , malware stories, malware analysis tools, famous breaches, Security Acquisitions, most exposed vulnerabilities. Now it’s time to review our own backyard.. plenty of articles have published in that have selected Top 10 for a look

TroubleGrabber, tops the list with most viewed article. Though published in the year 2020 , the Mojo returned in 2021 with more visits and reviews.

TP link Router ZeroDay, stands the second most viewed article. Since TP LINK router widely used around the world. A vulnerability in it reached more readers.


Kronos suffer Ransomware, attack stands third. With the advent of Log4j Vulnerability worldwide, one of the first organization to suffer a cyberattack by exploiting the vulnerability.

AnyDesk Trojanised, stands fourth. Since this tool has been widely used for remoting by IT Admins across the globe, this came to a limelight with more visits.

Bugs in 2016 Server GPO, stands fifth.With Windows platform widely been used across organizations. A bug in the platform gone wide.

Windows 11 New Features, stands sixth in the list. With new OS has been released and the hype its created made visitors to gone through the features in depth


Microsoft Proxy Shell and Proxy login, stands seventh. The advent of the issue has been majorly spread across all organizations irrespective of size. This article spoken about the issue and ways to fix it

Pettipotam Issue, stands Eigtth. Like Exchange AcriveDirectory a heart of each organization. A bug affecting AD is been searched wide across the internet.

APT37 Unleashes Chinotto Malware, stands nineth in the list. With APT Threats are a serious to organizations due to their persistence nature, spreading Chinotto type notorious malware considered to be more serious

Google Plugins Malvertised, stands tenth in the list. Google has been widely used by users across the world and Chrome tops the browser usage. With more plugins available and infections available with them causes major threat.


Apart from this, many articles coverage like year ending Log4j Vulnerability coverage been popular across the readers around the world. Personally articles pertaining to Application Security scanning methodology, OWASP Top Threats, Mobile Security Top Threats, Network Top Threats . Coverage related to Chinese, North Korea, Iran Threat actors are standouts of the year.

Like 2021, TheCyberThrone will continue to cover the evolving Cyber threat intellingence space in 2022 seamlessly

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