October 2, 2023

Data security provider Rubrik announced Rubrik Cloud Vault, a fully managed, secure, and isolated cloud archival service built on Microsoft Azure that helps customers secure their data and defend against cyberattacks. This was the “first instance of that partnership” to build zerotrust data protections for Microsoft Azure customers.

With ransomware attacks on the rise, organizations need to be able to securely back up their data, protect those backups from being tampered with corrupted, and to restore quickly as part of its data recovery efforts. This move is to protect Microsoft Azure customers from ransomware attacks and attempts to exfiltrate data.


In addition to air-gapping the data, Rubrik Cloud Vault offers end-to-end data immutability to ensure data is not compromised, corrupted, or deleted; encryption so that the data remains private; and the ability to restrict access only to authorized users with MFA controls.

The service maintains “immutable and instantly recoverable copies” of data, and reduces the risk that the data could be modified, deleted, or encrypted during an attack. And organizations would be able to access the data to recover quickly in case of a ransomware attack.

Microsoft could technically have built a service within Azure to protect data from ransomware attacks instead of partnering with Rubrik, However, Rubrik Cloud Vault does more than what a native Azure tool would have been able to do because the service also addresses the other data protection scenarios

Rubrik is looking at three different data protection scenarios:

  • Protecting the data and assets natively in the cloud.
  • Protecting specific workloads dealing with specific data rules.
  • Protecting the hybrid data environment involving on-premises data centers and Azure instances.

The Rubrik Cloud Vault integrates with Microsoft technologies, including Azure Storage and Zero Trust Data Security, to provide organizations with a data protection and disaster recovery solution across all three scenarios


Rubrik and Microsoft have been working together since 2016 and currently have numerous of shared customers on Azure for cloud-native data protection for assets within Azure, as well as hybrid data protections for assets from on-premises data centers and Azure.

Rubrik Cloud Vault will be generally available on the Azure Marketplace in coming months, Rubrik said.

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