December 8, 2023

Attackers have already started exploiting the interest in the Omicron COVID-19 variant and are using it as a lure in phishing attacks. Preventive measures adoption for stopping it’s spread a main criteria of the lure.

An Omicron COVID-19 campaign was spotted by UK authorities and the National Health Service (NHS) is warning about the Omicron COVID-19-themed phishing attacks.


These phishing messages offer a free Omicron PCR test that will allegedly allow recipients to avoid restrictions. Upon clicking on the link embedded into the message, recipients are redirected to a fake NHS website where to apply for a “COVID-19 Omicron PCR test.”

The recipients have to fill a form with their data (name, date of birth, home address, mobile phone number, and email address), some security questions (i.e. mother’s maiden name), and finalize the procedure by making a payment of £1.24 ($1.65).

Clearly, the scammers aim at stealing the payment details of the recipients while making the payment.

Authorities are urging the citizens to be aware of suspicious emails or text messages that may be asking for financial details (i.e. credit card data, banking data). The NHS never asks for financial details in legitimate email correspondence.


The NHS will: NEVER ask for payment – the vaccine is free NEVER ask for your bank details.

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