September 27, 2023

Kudelski Security announced the integration of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint with the company’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services, delivered through its Cyber Fusion Center operating from Switzerland and the United States.

Kudelski Security’s latest collaboration with Microsoft enables Kudelski Security to natively ingest endpoint data from Microsoft Defender for Endpoint protected devices to actively monitor environments, proactively hunt for new threats and more rapidly initiate remediation actions should a breach occur.


This new capacity to integrate with Microsoft endpoint security products follows the recent launch of Kudelski Security’s FusionDetect, a cloud native platform that supports MDR services across IT, OT, and cloud environments.

Kudelski Security’s expanded support for Microsoft products builds on previously announced integrations with Microsoft Azure services, Microsoft 365 Defender, and Azure Defender, as well as a Microsoft-focused consultancy designed to help Microsoft clients optimize security in a cloud environment.

Kudelski Security is uniquely positioned to help modern enterprises embrace new security models born in the cloud. In addition to its 24/7 Managed Detection and Response services, Kudelski Security helps clients apply zero trust models and provides data protection capabilities for their Microsoft environments to secure identities, data, endpoints, apps, and infrastructure.

With today’s environment of increasingly sophisticated threats, our mutual clients rely on companies like Kudelski Security and their proactive solutions that include Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, to help protect their enterprise systems and environments.


Kudelski Security continues to earn industry recognition for excellence in managed security that delivers faster, improved security outcomes.

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