December 11, 2023

Veritas announced Veritas NetBackup Recovery Vault, a fully managed storage as a service data repository for Veritas NetBackup. It provides mission critical ransomware resiliency as a purpose-built, air-gapped storage tier for backups, while reducing the cost and complexity of using cloud storage from a selection of leading providers for long term retention and reliable recovery of backup data.

Cloud Storage Simplified

Provisioning cloud storage with a self managed public cloud service provider requires a series of cumbersome steps that can introduce security and compliance gaps.

Recovery Vault will simplify this process and reduce risks by providing a secure, familiar and unified interface NetBackup to both manage backup and recovery and easily provision cloud based storage with freedom to choose from leading cloud storage providers. This affords customers the flexibility to automate provisioning of cloud storage among different providers on an application-by-application basis all within a single subscription.

Lower ownership Cost

Data growth is exceeding forecasts, and costs associated with data backup to the cloud can be difficult to predict. Recovery Vault helps control cloud storage costs by:

  • Reducing unexpected data transaction costs.
  • Helping transition from expensive tape to lower cost cloud storage for long term retention.
  • Streamlining operations with automation and consolidated data protection storage management.
  • Leveraging subscription-based models optimized for enterprises.
  • Reducing the amount of data sent, stored and retrieved from the cloud.

Ransomware resiliency at higher level

Recovery Vault facilitates separate, air-gapped cloud based storage, it reduces the risk that ransomware and other threats to data integrity affecting primary data stores could compromise backups.

Recovery Vault cloud storage also benefits including:

  • Immutable cloud storage and data encryption in transit and at rest to ensure compliance and protect data.
  • AI and ML based anomaly detection to identify unexpected changes to backups before an event occurs.
  • Net Backup Intelligent Cloud Policy Engine, which abstracts cloud data protection complexity by automatically detecting and protecting new workloads across all major clouds.

Keeping Traditional approach complex nature in mind, Recovery Vault is designed to help enterprises be confident that their data is secured in the cloud from ransomware and other risks, plan for disaster recovery and meet compliance and governance requirements all within the Netbackup platform to help improve operational efficiencies and costs.

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