September 27, 2023

Splunk announced a series of new product to help organizations embrace digital transformation through the security visibility needed to accelerate time to detection, investigation and response.

The innovations, led by new enhancements to Splunk Security Cloud, Splunk Enterprise Security and Splunk SOAR, are said to provide organizations with a comprehensive SOC platform with industry leading intelligence, analytics and automation.

Splunk noted that organizations have been confronted with a continuously evolving threat landscape. To address these challenges, Splunk offers an extensive cloud delivered SOC platform, fueled by analytics and driven by automation to help organizations conquer complexity and defend against threats.

Splunk Enterprise Security 7.0, customers will have access to new, rich visualizations that allow senior leaders to see key metrics and insights into the overall health of their organization’s security program. Splunk Enterprise Security also evolves Risk Based Alerting, which enhances threat detection abilities, reduces alert volume and improves alert prioritization to help drive better outcomes in the SOC.

The new SOAR App Editor provides a new way to edit, test and create SOAR apps, providing easy integration and automation between SOAR and commonly used third-party tools. There are also now more than 350 SOAR apps available on Splunkbase, the company’s ecosystem of partner and community built technical integrations.

Splunk is also providing new, additional sources of intelligence to identify threats faster. Following the acquisition of TruSTAR Technology Inc. earlier this year, the company has expanded its intelligence marketplace sources with TruSTAR now known as Splunk Intelligence Management. The service enables customers to put into operation all security intelligence sources across their ecosystem of teams, tools and partners, and directly delivers insights into Splunk Enterprise Security and SOAR.

Splunk has launched SURGe, an elite team of cybersecurity experts that will provide technical guidance during high-profile, time-sensitive cyberattacks. This team is dedicated to researching, responding and educating on the threats that impact the world

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