December 9, 2023

Cloud-native data protection, Trilio Data announced the release of a new version of TrilioVault for Kubernetes.

This offers a comprehensive approach to ransomware protection and recoverability and support of zero trust architectures. Kubernetes orchestrates the use of software containers that enable applications to run in multiple computing environments.

Trilio for Kubernetes v2.5 leverages the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.The three main components of the framework include Identify and Protect, Detect and Mitigate and Recover.

The new features has ability to create immutable backups to protect against any malicious attempts to modify or delete the backups. The immutability capability works with S3-based object-locking features to prevent backups from being deleted during the retention period. When the retention period is over, the backups will be cleared by the S3 object-locking mechanism which is controlled by Trilio for Kubernetes

With the new release, users can encrypt backups with a Linux Unified Key Setup encryption format that uses an AES-256 cipher algorithm so that the backups cannot be read or stolen. The implementation includes at-rest and in-flight encryption. The service also leverages Key Management Systems, so Kubernetes users can control the encryption and the associated keys for the applications.

Other additional features in the new release included multi-namespace backup support, backup target support and authentication support.

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