December 1, 2023

Microsoft has decided it’s time to stop asking us to remember complex and unique passwords in order to access our apps and services. Starting today, no longer need a password for Microsoft account.

No passwords doesn’t mean less security, though. Microsoft has simply replaced them with four alternatives: the Microsoft Authenticator app, Windows Hello, a physical security key, or a verification code sent to your phone or via email. They all take a few seconds to use, but don’t require you to remember a complex sequence of characters.

Microsoft made the change not just for user convenience, but because passwords are a point of vulnerability, for most attacks across enterprise and consumer accounts.

If need to remove Microsoft account password, install the Microsoft Authenticator app. After that, visit and sign in as you normally would, then navigate to Advanced Security Options and access the Additional Security section. There, Passwordless Account option, can be turned on. The on-screen prompts will then guide you through the process of removing the account password with the help of the Authenticator app. Microsoft allows to revert back to using a password by turning off the Passwordless Account option.

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