November 30, 2023

With the widening of the threat surface, cybercriminals have begin coming with distinctive forms of malware and attack strategies. One such trojan dubbed IISerpent has been located, manipulating search engine outcomes.

An undocumented server-aspect trojan IISerpent has been discovered leveraging a myriad of search engine optimization strategies to decorate the web page rating for particular third-celebration websites. It is suspected that those websites belong to the gang’s customers.

A malicious extension for IIS internet servers. It makes use of doubtful strategies to make the most Search Engine Page Results (SERPs). IISerpent allows the malware to dam all HTTP requests made to the web sites hosted with the aid of using the inflamed servers. It leverages unethical search engine optimization strategies with out webmaster consent and hence, the assault sample may be referred to as search engine optimization fraud as a service.

IIStealer is able to gaining access to all community applicable information, together with card info from on-line transactions. The IISpy backdoor is able to undertaking long-time period cyberespionage.

The serpent module has been created to assist malicious activities. While it doesn’t affect the valid site visitors of the compromised server, it falsifies seek outcomes and might doubtlessly be monetized. It is suggested to replace your IIS servers and now no longer defloration IIS extensions from shady sources.

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