September 27, 2023

Google Cloud has announced the general availability of Private Service Connect, a service to keep all customer’s traffic private and secure over Google’s global network while abstracting the underlying network infrastructure.

Private Service Connect allows users to create a private and secure connection from a VPC to Google Cloud, third parties, or proprietary services. Using endpoints and service attachments, the new service sends traffic from the consumer’s VPC to the service producer’s VPC network.

Customers told us they want to consume services faster while making sure that the connectivity is private and secure. In the past, achieving this was a challenge: networking teams had to negotiate IP address blocks, mutually agree on policies and coordinate as applications evolved to newer versions. With Private Service Connect, you can delegate the consumption and delivery of services to different teams without having to coordinate between teams.

Connecting to service endpoints that are locally managed, users can create multiple Private Service Connect endpoints in the same VPC network and there is no limit on bandwidth to a particular endpoint.

Customers can create private connections to services like Cloud Storage or Bigtable and third party partners like Elastic, MongoDB or Snowflake. As the new service does not cap the bandwidth for the endpoints, Private Service Connect partners can create multi-tenant services that scale without limitations.

Google Cloud is not the first cloud provider introducing a service to simplify network architectures and to avoid exposing network data to the internet. Microsoft offers Azure Private Link and Amazon has Private Link, the AWS service to establish private connectivity between VPCs and services hosted on AWS or on-premises. Private Service Connect is available in all Google Cloud regions

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