June 6, 2023

Cloud security firm Zscaler has announced innovations for its Zero Trust Exchange platform and new programs designed to secure digital businesses. 

New security solutions, resources for IT execs and practitioners, and deployment guides to expedite zero trust adoption are redefining the rules of IT security for today’s internet-driven, cloud-first businesses. Zscaler says the combination of these offerings provides digital businesses a holistic approach to securing modern organisations and the pragmatic skills and blueprints needed to be competitive. 

While direct-to-internet connectivity for access to cloud applications and workloads has democratised information flow and improved business agility, it has also destroyed the castle-and-moat security architecture exposing businesses to new threat vectors resulting in more large-scale security breaches.

Zero trust starts with validating user identity combined with business policy enforcement based on contextual data from user, device, app and content to deliver authorised direct access to applications and resources. This means that no entity is inherently trusted. 

Built on three fundamental tenets, the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange makes the cloud safe by securely connecting the right users to the right applications. 

1. Connect users and applications to resources, not the corporate network, preventing lateral movement of threats, thus reducing security and business risk.  

2. Make applications invisible to the internet. Applications protected behind the Zero Trust Exchange are not visible and cannot be discovered, thus eliminating the attack surface. 

3. Use a proxy architecture, not a passthrough firewall, for content inspection and security. The only way to ensure effective cyber threat defense and data protection is by requiring content inspection, including encrypted traffic, and policy enforcement, before it reaches its intended destination.

The introduction of three innovations for the Zero Trust Exchange platform helps IT security teams bring zero trust security to every digital business, strengthens safe web access, and dramatically simplifies the adoption of zero trust policies. Perimeter security becoming obsolete and zero trust with cloud native approach appealing

Zero Trust Xchange path

  • Extending Cloud-Native Zero Trust On-Premises 
  • Mitigating Web-based Attacks and Data Leakage 
  • Simplifying Security Policies Through Automation 
  • Elevating the Role of IT Executives 
  • Offering Advanced Skills Training for Security Practitioners
  • Building a Programmatic Path to Zero Trust 

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